As soon as you start mining, an account will be automatically created. In order to finally verify and activate your account, you have to login to this page. Please use the username and password you used in your miner configuration. After you login to your account, you can change the password in your Account-Settings and remove the Registration Password from your Miner settings.

No. You use the same username and password for every miner / worker. The pool then merges the individual shares from your miners / workers. To separate your miners / workers, you can add a miner / worker name behind the username: e.g. user = "myusername;worker 1" or "myusername#worker 1"

A pool wallet is available for EPIC Cash. Your mined coins will be transferred to this wallet from which you can then transfer to a local wallet or an exchange of your choice. For Raven Coin, you have to enter an external wallet address to which the payout will be sent. A wallet for Raven-Coin can be found here:

Payouts are made automatically after each block found as soon as your mined balance exceeds the payout threshold.

For Epic-Cash, the minimum withdrawal is 3.0 EPIC. You must have mined at least 5 EPIC before the payout is transferred to your pool wallet. The minimum payout threshold is displayed in the dashboard of the respective crypto currency.

Please check how many shares or blocks you have sent to the pool in the last few hours. If the values = 0, it means no shares or blocks are send from your miners to the pool. The payment of your work can only be calculated once your new account has been verified and you have logged in after registering. Please be patient at the beginning. Sometimes it happens that the pool has just not found a new block and therefore no distribution takes place.

The pool calculates your hashrate based on the number of shares and the difficulty sent by your mining rigs (workers). This value will be different from the specified hashrate in your mining software. However, this has no influence on the calculation of your work, as all miners hashrate are calculated with the same formula.

A calculator for EPIC CASH is available at the following link: For other crypto currencies we recommend:

By default, you are mining in POOL mode. You can also switch to SOLO mode under your account settings. The SOLO mode should only be selected with sufficient hash power.

Epic-Cash cannot yet be mined through Nicehash or any other RigRental provider. Raven Coin can be mined through Nicehash and RigRental providers.

A share is a possible valid hash for a block. Shares are smaller units so that the pool can measure the work you have done. However, it is not the case that many shares mean the same amount of work. Each share also has a unit of difficulty, which indicates how difficult it was to mine a share.

51pool uses PPLNS as a reward system. Many miners work together to find a block. When a block is found, the miners split the block reward based on their hashrate / shares. So, it could be that your hashrate is too low and you haven't sent a valid share to the pool. Check if you are possibly in SOLO mode. Blocks found by the pool will not be distributed to SOLO miners.